Pinoys’ Top 5 Fave Pancake House Dishes


Filipinos are certified food lovers. Make him happy, he’ll find food to celebrate with. Make him sad, he’ll still find food to comfort him.

Whether its breakfast, lunch and dinner, Pinoys have always considered eating as a pleasure. By tradition a typical meal is just three square meals a day. But due to the influence of western culture, we’ve started observing snacks in between meals. And most of us go to the fast food chains to grab these light-meals.

Although we have our own Pinoy brand of fast food chain, we can’t help but try new varieties of taste from foreign restaurants. One of the fastest growing franchises in the Philippines is the fave breakfast go-tos, The Pancake House.

And it’s quite amusing to realize that Pancake House has been around the Philippines for almost 5 decades now.

From a single booth in Magallanes when it came to the Philippines in 1974 to now over 100 stores nationwide, it’s very obvious that the Pancake House caught the sweet and savory taste that most Pinoys crave for. And it won the Pinoys’ hearts by serving us not just the regular pancake and waffle menus, but also let us indulge in American-diner staples.

Every one of us has our fave Pancake House dish apart from the classic pancake. We listed some of ours. Check to see if you yours is in our list too:

  1. 1 Classic Pan Chicken

    must say, we are suckers for fried chicken. Any list of fave food would have this recipe in it. And Pancake House’s Classic Pan Chicken wouldn’t disappoint. 

    The juicy chicken is always fried until golden and has a distinctive resounding crunch to it. Partnered with the store’s savory gravy, 2 pieces would never be enough!

  2. 2 Fiesta Taco Salad

    This taco isn’t your ordinary taco…It’s made for heavy consumption with its generous ingredients. Imagine the overflowing corn chips, mixed greens, kidney beans, and grated cheddar cheese—all on top of that giant taco shell. You won’t have to order for anything extra anymore as this one meal is more than enough to make you full for hours.

  3. 3 Special Salisbury Steak

    This is for all of you, Keto lovers. Humans were definitely meant to eat more meat than vegetables and this is why Pancake House’s Special Salisbury Steak is a one-third pound hamburger patty covered in a peppery-creamy gravy and bacon bits. There’s no wonder why it became the crowd-favorite.

  4. 4 Almondigas Soup

    A surprising entry in Pancake House’s repertoire of American-diner staples, the Almondigas Soup is a reliable choice, especially when you’re in the mood for something light yet hearty. The popular soup has thin egg noodles (misua), pork balls, and spring onions in a light and clear broth—have it as a starter or as your main meal. Either way, it will leave you feeling warm and cozy.

  5. 5 Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

    No, it’s not sour…it’s one of the familiar tastes you know. 

    Pancake House tried to replicate the spaghetti of your childhood, with a semi-sweet sauce that’s extra chunky with lots of ground beef. It’s a surprise how an American store could be so flexible just so it can deliver the right taste that its local customers are accustomed to and are always looking for.

    This spaghetti can compete with our Pinoy-style recipe. And since many of us are wanting more and more spaghetti from Pancake House, the restaurant is giving every –Juan a special treat this month!

In line with its Choose to Feel Good campaign, Pancake House is serving its bestselling spaghetti in a Spaghetti-All-You-Can promo, which is only Php 299!

Customers can enjoy two hours of unlimited servings of solo Spaghetti with Meat Sauce with a side of garlic bread and iced tea starting June 10 to 15 and June 24 to 29 and is available nationwide.

This also serves as an early treat for the restaurant’s 45th year anniversary in the Philippines.

Pancake House Senior Marketing Manager Cherry Hernandez said about initiating the first-time-ever spaghetti promo of the restaurant:

“As we celebrate our 45th anniversary this June, we want more Filipino diners to enjoy some of their favorite dishes. Our Spaghetti with Meat Sauce is one of the specialties that people keep coming back for. We want them to relive some of their favorite memories and create new ones with our Spaghetti-All-You-Can promo.

We hope that making this delicious, heartwarming offering available to more diners gives them another reason to Choose To Feel Good at Pancake House.”

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Gabriel Diaz