Orani, Bataan; A Tour That’s Three in One


The Department of Tourism (DOT) in Central Luzon launched a tourism package in Orani, Bataan that features three different sites. Far different from the typical tour packages available around the country this project from the DOT hopes to promote the tourism in the town of Orani in Bataan after seeing the possible demand from the tourists especially now that foreign luxury ships are docking at Subic bay port, DOT Director Catherine Uy have seen the viability of creating a combination of different tour packages like this one, this will not only help Orani, Bataan become even more popular but instead this project from the DOT will surely benefit the town’s people because farm and eco-tourism is already an existing livelihood that will surely help the people of Orani with this project these existing farm lands and tourist destination will surely get the economic opportunities it needs to be developed. Here’s why you should consider this tour package!

Faith and Heritage, A must in every destination.

The Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish Church of Orani

It is natural among us Filipinos to be faithful it is one of our values that is truly evident in almost everyone, that we incorporate it with almost everything be it at school, work and leisure. In every destination we have in the country there will always be a place to give thanks to the Lord, In Orani in Bataan stands a 330 year old church The Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Parish Church of Orani a heritage destination consecrated i 1714 and was built in 1792 and was said to be completed in 1796, At present the Church other than being a Pilgrimage shrine has its own museum known as the “Museo ng Birheng Maria” and it houses the crowns and clothes worn by the image of the miraculous Nuestra Señora Virgen del Rosario In every trip we should always make it a point to include a church visit because it is a way of saying thank you for so many things like for keeping us safe during our trips, for the beauty of the places we visit, for the people we are together during these trips and for the people we meet as well.

Aqua and Land farming, an experience you should experience.

The Philippines is 99.38% of land and back in the days our country’s main source of income would be our farmlands but sadly as time goes by many of these lands we use for farming before we’re turned into subdivisions and other constructions were done until we only have so little left for what used to be our main source of income but gladly in some areas like Bataan, they use our lands for agriculture and aqua farming.

Baby's Aqua Farm

In Baby’s Aqua Farm, a farm owned and operated by the family of Mr. Vic Santos, guests may try catching fish like Milkfish and Tilapia. They also raise Crabs and Shrimps that they serve alongside with freshly picked vegetables because a few meters away from Baby’s aqua farm stands, Diaz Agri Farm an agricultural farm owned by the family of Mr.Rey Diaz where guests get to pick and pay for fresh vegetables and medicinal plants. With the Philippines being one of the biggest rice providers in the world, tourists may also experience planting rice on a demonstration paddy at the Diaz Agri farm. For pasalubong’s or souvenirs locally made products also available and for sale for those who want to avail, Ube Halaya (Ube Jam), Leche flan, Bico (Sticky Rice) and Cooked Duck Eggs. This kind of farming helps encourage the tourists to explore what Orani,Bataan has to offer when it comes to food you don’t just get to experience the food but you also experience each step on how our hardworking kababayans fetch and pick our food.

Diaz Agri Farm

Orani, pristine and undisturbed

Taal View Deck

The launching of Unique tourism package is a very wise move made possible by the Department of Tourism (DOT) and the municipal government of Orani, Bataan. Eco-tourism gives livelihood for the locals of Bataan and at the same time it involves the people into appreciating the pristine and undisturbed areas in Bataan like Mt. Natib and the Bataan National park, this kind of tourism encourages the tourists to become responsible travelers. Orani, Bataan is very rich when it comes to natural beauty for sure people will appreciate what it has to offer once they set their eyes on what Tala View deck has to offer for a nice view of Bataan and for a real time one on one experience with Nature, this project from the DOT made sure that people get to appreciate what Nature tripping is really all about.

For only 1750 pesos per person (minimum of 10 persons) immerse yourself into what the country side has to offer, your 1750 pesos will surely be worth it because this Day tour package already includes Entrance and Environmental fees, Snacks and Lunch, a souvenir and an E-trike ride to tour you around Orani, Bataan.

It’s nice to know that there are people in the government who has faith in this kind of economic opportunity. A community tourism package like this is what people should be supporting because it helps the community grow and it helps encourage other places to use their resources to help the local folks and to boost the economy, if Orani, Bataan made these possible other provinces can sure do this as well until we build a stronger economy for the country one province at a time.

For further inquiries, you may call Orani, Bataan tourism at +639275311247 or email them at [email protected]

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Gabriel Diaz