Did You Know: The Kapampangan Edition


Whether you like it or not, the Kapampangans have their own way of living. If you are planning to marry into a Kapampangan family, move into Pampanga, or be roommates with one, brace yourself! It may not be easy, but sooner or later, you’ll see how fun it is to be around them. And to help you prepare yourself, here are some (things to expect about/fun facts about) Kapampangans.

Number 1: They are very proud to be Kapampangan. Nope, it’s not arrogance. Nope, it’s not being conceited. It’s just being proud. Heck, they SHOULD be proud, there’s no shame in that. Being fiercely patriotic, you can be sure that they won’t even deny where they came from! And did you know that the bravest soldiers, the first Jesuits, and the best cooks often comes from Pampanga? Well, now you know.

Number 2: They talk loud when around other Kapampangans. Sharp eyes and weird looks are nothing new to them. You may be weirded out by their loud voices and hard accents but there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of (or weirded out, for that matter)! Their love for the Kapampangan language is immeasurable, and since they love it so much, they coined a term for it: amanung sisuan or suckled word—easily comparable to a child’s love for his mother. Given that there are about two million of them left in the world, what better way to celebrate their love for the language than to use it (rather loudly), right?

Number 3: They take offense when they’re called dugong aso. The Kapampangans of today still carry their ancestors’ humiliation and false accusations against the hands of other people. And thus, calling them ~such thing~ will hurt their feelings, badly. Who would want to be told and reminded of their dark past, right?

Number 4: They have a keen eye and are deeply observant. You thought that small mistake went by unnoticed? You’re wrong! The Kapampangans’ observant nature would probably remind you of your misfortune for days! They may be highly opinionated but don’t take it the wrong way. It’s probably just a result of the pampering they experienced back in the colonial days which made them feel intellectually superior above others.

Number 5: They live the good life. The Kapampangans take the lighter side of things, always. They try to live their lives to the fullest, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, their carefree side often makes them play more than putting it on balance with work. A bit dangerous and a lot different from the thriftiness of the Ilocanos, if you ask me, but who’s to stop someone from enjoying their life?

Number 6: They are very religious. Some Kapampangans still believe and worship anitos or another form of ‘idols’, which would garner some raised eyebrows in this day and age. This deep religious belief is still a result of the colonial era, and I guess, they never outgrew it. They are also home to the most devout Catholics & Christians and even other religions such as Ang Dating Daan and The Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Number 7: They are known risk-takers and are very resilient. If you’re a fan of history, you’ve probably read about the ‘brave youth from Macabebe’ who bravely fought a whole Spanish army in 1571. He started a revolutionary change in the hearts of Kapampangans—they became stronger, a bit reckless, and tougher. And do you remember the infamous Mt. Pinatubo eruption? These people got by what can only be described as one of the worst times in Kapampangan history—that’s saying a LOT about these people’s will and determination.

Number 8: Last but not the least, they have amazing taste and taste buds! There’s no questioning a Kapampangan’s take on food and lifestyle. With Pampanga being the Culinary Capital of the Philippines, bad food is a no-no when a Kapampangan is around. With their keen eye and impeccable taste in choosing nothing but the finest ingredients, there’s no doubting the universally accepted fact that when there’s good food, a Kapampangan is mostly the reason behind it. Also, thanks to the colonial era, they have raised the bar high for every Kapampangan. Thus, producing such refined and world-class artists and performers such as Lea Salonga, Apl.de.ap., and Cecile Licad.

There you have it! Highly influenced by the colonialization in the Philippines, the Kapampangans way of living may surely be different to the Tagalogs, the Bicolanos, Ilocanos, or any other Filipino race. They may be a handful, sure,  but trust me when I say that they are some of the best people to be around with!

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