Know the common phrases used in Kapampangan


People with beautiful places anywhere, mouthwatering food, and a progressive green province, you can find it all here in Pampanga where most Filipinos love taking a visit.

So, you became interested about the Culinary Capital of the Philippines or you have a Kapampangan friend who asked you to come over to their house in Pampanga and don’t want to be deceived by unfamiliar words. Kapampangans are very funny and lively people in nature and it’s good for you to somehow understand the common phrases being used by them.

These are the lists of common phrases in Kapampangan translated to English:

“Mayap a abak.”
(Good morning)

“Mayap a gatpanapun.”
(Good afternoon)

“Mayap a bengi.”
(Good evening)

“Kumusta na ka?”
(How are you?)

“Masalese na ku man.”
(I am fine)

“Ing lagyu ku…”
(My name is…)



“Masanting ka.”
(You’re handsome)

“Malagu ka.”
(You’re beautiful)

“Malaus ko pu.”
(Please come in./Welcome.)

“Tara mangan.”
(Let’s eat)

“Dakal a Salamat.”
(Thank you very much)


“Mikit tana keng tutuki.”
(See you next time)

“Patawad na.”

“Matudtud na ku.”
(I am going to sleep)

(Come here)

(Let’s go)

(How much?)

“Nukarin ya?”
(Where is she/he?)

“E na ka marine.”
(Don’t be shy)


“Libri da ka.”
(I will pay for you)

(Can I?)

“Makisabi kung mayap.”
(I have a favor)

“Abut mune pa itang..”
(Can you pass the..)

“Pagmaragul ku.”
(I am proud)

(Take care)

“Pangaku ku keka.”
(I promise you)

“Atin kung kutang.”
(I have a question)

“Panalangin da ka.”
(I will pray for you)

“Kaluguran da ka.”
(I love you)

“Buri da ka.”
(I like you)



“E ku balu.”
(I don’t know)

“Paynawa ku pa.”
(I will just rest)

(It’s so tiring)

(It’s hot!)

(It’s cold!)

“Masala ya ing aldo.”
(The sun is bright)

(It’s raining!)

“Masala ya ing bulan.”
(The moon is bright)

“Pota muran.”
(It might rain)

(There’s rain shower)

“Maratun ku Angeles.”
(I am staying in Angeles)

“Masalese ku panamdaman.”
(I feel well)

“Kabsi ko!”
(I am full!)

“Paraman na?/Malyari keng andaman?”
(May I borrow?)


“Atin kung kutang.”
(I have a question)

“Malyari ya?/Pwedi ya?”
(Can it be? or Is it possible?)

“Minum ku sagli.”
(I’ll just drink)

“Lumwal tamu.”
(Let’s go outside)

“Mamyalung tamu.”
(Let’s play)

“Nukarin ka?”
(Where are you?)

“Heh! E da na ka kasabi.”
(I won’t talk to you)

“E da na ka paksabyan mambus kapilan man!”
(I will never talk to you again!)

“Sali ku mu.”
(I will buy)

“Takla ku pa mu.”
(I will just shit)

“Magkasilyas ku pa.”
(I will just use the restroom)

“Tara minum tapa!”
(Come on! Let’s drink!)

“Nanan tapa?!”
(What are we waiting for?!)

“Mikaintindi kami.”
(We understand each other)

“Sake kung jeep.”
(I will ride a jeep)

“E mu kakalingwan mamawus.”
(Don’t forget to call)

“E ka paypikun.”
(Don’t be a hot-headed)

“E ka paysira buntuk.”
(Don’t get insane)

“Mamiru ku mu.”
(I am just kidding)

“Nanung milyari?/Mipakananu?”
(What happened?)

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