5 Things You Should Know About Quintessential of a 9-Course Dinner


This coming June 10, 2018, at Piccolo Padre Restaurant, a 9- course dinner, will be launched to the public and with the collaboration of Chef Dan Giampaolo (Piccolo Padre) and Chef Bong Sagmit (Pigs and Pints). During the event, chefs will be given a chance to make an extraordinary dish and also to promote the restaurant. Here are five things you should know (and we’re pretty sure you will love) about Quintessential of a 9-course dinner:

1. The food is consistent with the highest standard. You can try their bestselling menu: Duck Duck Goose, Palette De King Prawns, Guacamole Intermezo, Poulet De Bresse with Quail, Kurobuta Pork Belly, Baked Alaska. From the impressive menu, the great Italian chef makes magic with the food. They serve as a best food plating and presentations. Even the plating will satisfy your cravings because from the appearances I’m surely believed that it already captured your taste buds. Aside from our 9-course dinner, they also have a different menu that you can only experience here like one of their best dishes, the Ossobucco Alla Milanese – it is a veal shank usually served with risotto alla Milanese or on the side of their choices.

2. High price, but the food is high quality. A 9-course dinner is worth P3900+, a bit pricey, but it will satisfy your cravings. Prices are on the higher side for the area, but the quality of the ingredients is very good. Fantastic food with a reasonable price that’s why you can still afford the food because of its great quality. If you want cheap, fast Italian food there are other places you should go. However, here in Piccolo Padre, you will never regret to try these authentic Italian recipes in their restaurant.

3. Highly recommended. I assure you that you will really enjoy your mealtime here because of its nice ambiance and great service. Plus, they have friendly staff and I know that this place is a must-try for people who enjoy good food. It is the classiest place in Angeles City because the interiors are modeled with distinctly Venetian features. Experiencing the ambiance of Milan, Italy is the best feeling for some food traveler who’s been there in Pampanga.

4. Excellent food for a special occasion. They will probably recommend those dish for a special occasion such as an anniversary, wedding or birthday. They will assure you that their guests will not get disappointed because they have very excellent services and unique food that you can only experience here in our restaurant.

5. Location is more accessible and has great ambiance. They moved to a new location, it is much bigger and more accessible. It is the classiest place in Angeles City because the interiors are modeled with distinctly Venetian features. You can also sight the Grand Canal in Venice, you will really feel that you’re in Italy.

Great, authentic, Italian food with amazing service. So what are you waiting for? Call 0917-923-8112 for reservation. Come and join them and try their high-quality food only in Piccolo Padre at Prime Asia Hotel Narciso Street, 2009 Angeles City. Enjoy eating everyone!

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Gabriel Diaz