Say, “I Am Home” with Hausland


Home is where the good stories begin and relationships start to grow. It is where anyone can be comfortable and be themselves while inside their comfort zones as they rest and free their minds from the toxic world outside.


With its unique, affordable yet quality houses, Hausland Development Corporation (HLDC) will make you want to go home every now and then as it recently launched its new tagline, “I Am Home.”

“I Am Home” intends to ignite and challenge the drive of the HLDC’s sales and expand the story behind the idea.

The tagline will also feature 1-2 minute videos of homeowners sharing their stories in their own homes and will be posted on the official Facebook page of Hausland from August to December.

There will be a specific topic for each month and one homeowner will be featured every week.

Hausland aims to inform the people that a house is not just an investment to be one’s shelter but it is where freedom and self-expression improves.

It also aspires that every homeowner must feel at home every time they stay at their houses and create remarkable moments while achieving the peace of mind they wanted.

The increased market demand for housing has been the company’s driving force to respond in the needs of people to have a decent home.

HLDC is associated and the carrying brand of the company’s residential developments – Nouveau Residences, Mansfield Residences, Timog Residences, Aspire Prime Residences and its banner project, The Hausland’s Pampanga.

Be thankful for the goodness of experiencing life as you whisper, “I Am Home.”

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Gabriel Diaz