Let’s Go Food Trip: The Kapampangan Tamales


Did you know that Pampanga has their own version of tamales? Yup, you read that right. The Kapampangan Tamales is made from ground rice, peanut, and coconut milk until it becomes a paste-like mixture. The ‘paste’ will then be wrapped with your choice of meat, though it is usually chicken with some egg pieces, in banana leaves and then, boiled in water. You may say that it’s just the same as the normal or Mexican Tamales. But no, when it comes to the flavor, the ingredients, and the taste, this is truly a Kapampangan delicacy.

Are your mouths watering already? Well, if you’re a Kapampangan, it’s easy for you to look for a kumare or a suki to buy Tamales from. But for non-locals like us, it can get quite tedious to look for a store that sells one. Luckily, I stumbled upon an article that helped me find some!

If you love stopovers, you better start looking for the vendor near Razon’s of Guagua restaurant at the Mega Caltex Station in NLEX. The vendor was allowed to sell it since it will not take too much space and it’s not really a big hassle to everyone.

If you love kakanins, Susie’s Cuisine sells Tamales too! The article stated a particular branch but if there is a Susie’s near you, having a look wouldn’t hurt, right?

Kapampangan Tamales

If you’ve been church hopping, it is said that a vendor that sells Tamales in front of San Guillermo Parish Church. There may also be some vendors at other churches waiting for tourists like you to come and try theirs! 😉

Kapampangan Tamales
Image Credit: Travel with Bes

Well, if you’re craving like I am right now, speed off to your car (or the nearest bus terminal) and head on to Pampanga now! As for me, I’m off to find me some Kapampangan Tamales!

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Gabriel Diaz