House Party with a Good Price of Soju

Party your heart out with JINRO Soju!


Do you have a party planned on the spur of the moment? A spontaneous get-together with a small group of pals, or even a last-minute family reunion? Well then, this wouldn’t be complete without the last-minute grocery shopping for goodies right!

It’s no secret that a party isn’t a party unless there’s alcohol involved! (If you’re of legal drinking age, that is.) So, if you’re in charge of bringing the booze, keep in mind that a 7-Eleven is only around the corner!

Drink soju

With locations across the country, 7-Eleven has the essentials you need. And because you’ll find them everywhere, you’ll find everything you need! It’s so simple to throw an instant house party and, of course, drink Soju, Korea’s clear, low-alcohol distilled spirit!

Price of Soju

7-Eleven’s price of JINRO Soju is for Php 127 at their convenience stores. And, might we add, 7-11 also sells JINRO Strawberry Soju, so you don’t have to go to a Korean store to get your strawberry alcohol fix! and more ‘flavored soju’ available at 7-Eleven include Grapefruit, Green Grape, and Plum, with prices varying.

Let’s face it, the pandemic has taken its toll on us, and we all deserve a break now and then, right? Maybe having a drink of Korean Soju and bonding with your friends and family is just one of them, but don’t guilt yourself for taking a break.

Korean soju

Get a terrific deal on Soju at your next instant home party without the fuss! Click here to find the nearest 7-Eleven location near you, or check out their official Facebook page for future promotions and discounts!

For more information about Jinro Soju visit Hitejinro Brand Page:

Drink responsibly, Chinggus!

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