Culinarya Pampanga for Gastronomic Culture


There is hardly any food organization that can seize the balance between old Filipino taste and refreshing dishes. To name a crème de la crème is Culinarya Pampanga. This Angeles City-based organization is a united alliance of chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers, and culinary educators in Pampanga who vows their ace knowledge and skills to gastronomic excellence with a notion of promoting Pampanga as the Culinary Capital of the Philippines.

Here are the twenty-four chefs and associates of the union including the dean specifically:

  • Des Castro (Teaspoon Café)
  • Chloe Cauguiran (25 Seeds, Café Fleur, and Frida)
  • Sau del Rosario (25 Seeds, Café Fleur, and Frida)
  • Froi Cruz (Grand Palazzo Royale and Cioccolo)
  • Dennis Lim (Denlim’s Kitchen)
  • Howard Dizon (H.D.D Catering Services)
  • Leonard Vincent Garcia (Rainforest Kitchen and Velvet Ganache)
  • Danilo Giampaolo (Piccolo Padre)
  • Poch Jorolan (Everbody’s Café)
  • Chris Locher (Amare by Chef Chris)
  • Josie Mendoza (Tollhouse)
  • Bong Sagmit (Pigs & Pints, BBQ & Co. and Century Hotel)
  • Rex Soriano (Bahn Mi Station)
  • Ramon Jr. Tayag (proprietor of Century Hotel)
  • Patricia Tayag (Sweet Maven)
  • Arceli Timbol (The Village Chef)
  • Judy Uson (Café Noelle and Northpoint Academy)
  • Nikki Wilkerson (Uni-chefs Catering)
  • Dean Rennier Perez (Systems Plus College Foundation)
  • Jingoy Roque (B&B)
  • Elsa Jocson (Lola Nors)
  • Chery Tang (Apag Marangle)
  • Pye Mallari (Delyns)
  • Francis Carreon (Carreon’s Sweets & Pastries)

As stated by Del Rosario, one of their objectives is to toughen the eminence of Kapampangan cuisine for more peer group to come. Culinarya Pampanga is as well committed to bring around old dishes through the inspiration of international culinary advances.

Chef Del Rosario enlightened the probable methods to sustain Pampanga’s gastronomic customs: “One of our propagations is to revive the good recipes of our dynasties, renewing and combining today’s culinary developments to effortlessly familiarize it to the next generation.”

Culinarya Pampanga provides Pampanga-based, delicious food that consists of authentic Kapampangan ingredients and different new recipes that will be served to satisfy your taste buds with something savory and incredible. They are operating in the community cooking setting by way of numerous missions and plans.

One of their great missions is to support the development of Pampanga’s culture and to help the locality. By an advanced study on the culinary customs in Angeles City and the entire Pampanga, Culinarya Pampanga considers that all of these may perhaps be accomplished.

With Pampanga’s profound food history as its influence, it sums conservation and advancement of the recipes and culinary news passed on by spoken communication as its purpose.

The organization of Culinarya Pampanga correspondingly indicates a great part for Angeles city to be counted in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network for Gastronomy.

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Gabriel Diaz