5 Reasons Why You Should Try Samgyeop on-the-GO Mexico, Pampanga


A new experience for the Samgyeopsal lovers of Mexico, Pampanga is about to make its way to their tastebuds! Samgyeop on-the-GO Unlimeated KBBQ and Shabu-Shabu are about to open their 2nd physical store in Mexico, Pampanga bringing them a taste of Korea. Curious as to what makes this Korean barbeque restaurant a worthwhile experience for you and your loved ones? Well, look no further! Here are 5 reasons why we love Samgyeop on-the-GO and why it should be your next Samgyeopsal destination.

  1. For Samgyeop lovers on a budget – What truly makes Samgyeop on-the-GO special is its affordability. For only 499 PHP you will be able to avail of their all meat set, relatively cheaper than other Korean bbq establishments. This particular option consists of UNLIMEATED pork, beef, shrimp, chicken, side dishes, cheese dips, and even iced tea or cucumber juice. Fully satisfying your appetite and you don’t even have to spend that much money! If that doesn’t fit your budget, they offer cheaper sets as well! Just check out their menu here:

  1. Korean Barbeque with HOTPOT (Shabu-Shabu) as well! – If a hearty Shabu – Shabu is what you’re looking for, especially during rainy days, then this is the Samgyeop restaurant for you! As is shown on the menu above, they offer Hotpot for only 599 PHP per person. Better yet, pairing the Samgyeopsal with the Shabu-Shabu for a more worthwhile and satisfying meal with the two sets complementing each other perfectly.

  1. Korean Street Food – If all of that option isn’t enough well don’t worry, after eating your meal you can indulge with your favorite Korean Street Foods that they offer in their shop as well! Bringing the streets of Korea to the local food scene, Samgyeop on-the-GO offers authentic Korean Street Cuisines, giving its patrons an immersive experience that is very affordable and at the same time doesn’t sacrifice the quality!

  1. Excellent Service! – One of the top things that attract the loyal customers of Samgyeop on-the-Go is the restaurant’s commendable service. Coming from a fully online Samgyeopsal delivery service, the restaurant owners, Ken Gozun and his sister Katherine, knew exactly the importance of putting their customers at the forefront of their business. The waiters are all very attentive, and at the ready for your grill, chill, and refill Samgyeopsal and Shabu-Shabu experience!
  2. Delivered right at your doorstep! – With the COVID-19 still greatly present in the country, one might be wary to go outdoors and dine out. SOTG has got your back! You can still enjoy their delicious Samgyeopsal, Shabu-Shabu, and Korean Street Food sets by having them delivered directly to your home!  Even with the restaurant having a physical shop they still offer delivered food to their patrons, and at a cheap price even! They accept minimum orders of 599 PHP, and payment through cash or Gcash. Look at what they have to offer in the following menu:

Isn’t this the perfect Samgyeop destination? We think so too! And even if you’re an already regular client or someone looking for a new Korean BBQ and hotpot place, be sure to come and visit their newest branch soft opening on September 17, 2021, located in #556 Lagundi highway, Mexico Pampanga. They are offering a 10% discount as an early gift for their customers! See you their Samgyeop lovers!

For more information contact them through their Facebook Page here, or through 0927 290 4938.

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Joy Duroy